Engage Presentation Template.

A preview.

When creating the Engage ProBiz PowerPoint Presentation Template, a great deal of thought was given as to how people might interact with it and this influenced the structure, as much as the visual content. In that same spirit of user-friendliness, this large format preview has been prepared to help you appreciate the many great features.

Powerpoint template colour options

Each slide below can be previewed at 900 pixels, giving you the opportunity to better assess the template and to enjoy in greater detail, the dozens of photos that are included – just imagine how good they look at full screen size!

The complete Engage presentation template is available for download at CreativeMarket and includes eight different color options (16:9 and 4:3), of which the “Blue & Gold” light background version is showcased in this preview.

Blue & Gold color set

INTRO | Welcome and Agenda

WHO | About us and our customers

This section explains who you are, who works for you and who buys your products and services.

WHAT | Information and overview

This section explains what you do and what you hope to achieve as a result of preparing your presentation.

HOW | Processes and performance

This section explains how you plan, how you perform, how you maintain the highest standards and how you propose to grow your customer base.

WHERE | Markets and business locations

This section includes details of your core geographical markets and where your company locations can be found locally, nationally and around the globe.

WHY | Competitive advantage

This section explains why you are different from other companies and why your audience should choose to invest in your particular products and services.

ENGAGE | Making the connection

This summary section includes dates of key stages, concluding thoughts and contact details for those team members who can help your audience’s business prosper.

BONUS | Extra layouts

Designed and written using a tried and tested presentation formula, the sections 1-6 (above) should cover most business requirements. That said, a selection of extra layouts has also been included to give you even more creative flexibility. The multi-column options are particularly useful when preparing handouts.

Fully loaded and feature rich

Engage Probiz download includes: Lots of stunning images. World maps. Business proposal text. Section dividers. Editable vector icons. Handmade infographics. Data charts… it’s a long list!